History of the department

In execution of the decision of the Academic Council of KazNMU named after S. D.Asfendiyarov on the issue “On the tasks of the university on the modernization of the organizational structures of deans, faculties and departments in the 2016-17 academic year” (Protocol №1 of September 21, 2016), the acting rector issued an order for N5461 l / s from 21.09. .16 years on the establishment of the department “General Practice №1” from the staff of the departments “Outpatient Polyclinic Therapy” (OPT), “Outpatient Polyclinic Pediatrics” (OPP) and the module of gerontology and geriatrics and assigned to the Department of General Practice since September 2017 the department has been renamed into General Practice № 1 with the course of gerontology.

The department OPT was organized on 1-September of 2007, in connection with the restructuring of the therapeutic profile departments. On the basis of the Department of Family Medicine and Polyclinic Training, the departments №1 and №2 were organized. In connection with the fact that at the Department of Family Medicine and Polyclinic Training № 2 were trained students of the 5th, 6th courses in the discipline “Outpatient Polyclinic Therapy” on October 17, 2008 year on the order of the rector the department was renamed into the department OPT (order of the rector KazNMU № 1362-l).

The module “Gerontology and geriatrics” was opened in 2013 at the undergraduate level for the 5th year students of the Faculty of General Medicine and the postgraduate level to upgrade the skills of doctors and nurses under the NTP of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Development of the model of anti-aging in ensuring active longevity of the elderly Kazakhstan “.