Publishing activity of the department

International Scientific and Practical Conference. Almaty, December 3, 2015.Topical issues in the system of social sciences: history, political science, philosophy, sociology are considered.
The monograph examines the significance of culture, consciousness, human activity, and ecological worldview in the course of the development of a civilized society.
The textbook is devoted to one of the most pressing problems of our time. Designed for graduate students, undergraduates, college and school students, and anyone interested in environmental issues
The textbook is devoted to the philosophical ideas of the Kazakh enlighteners-the most important stage in the development of Kazakh philosophy.
Guidelines for students in the discipline “Political Science”. Information and didactic blocks and tests are offered to the students of the medical school as consultations.
History of Kazakhstan: a collection of test tasks. Educational and methodical manual. Almaty, 2014. The collection of test tasks is compiled for university students taking into account the direction of the medical university in accordance with the standard and working program on the history of Kazakhstan.
History of political repression in Kazakhstan (1920-1950)) textbook. Almaty, 2015. the textbook describes the main stages of the history of repression in the first half of the twentieth century. The textbook is intended for students, undergraduates, teachers, researchers on the history of Kazakhstan.
The philosophical encyclopedic dictionary for the first time systematized information about the most important concepts-terms and outstanding philosophers. The philosophical encyclopedia is intended for schoolchildren and students, undergraduates and doctoral students, teachers and scientists, specialists engaged in philosophy and general spiritual culture, and a wide readership on the subject of philosophy and is implemented within the framework of the state program “Gylym Kazyna”.
The monograph proposed by the team of authors attempts to reveal the main facets of the creative heritage of the great thinker Abu Nasr al-Farabi. Al-Farabi, as an encyclopedic thinker, was able to leave an indelible mark on his reflections in such areas as philosophy, ethics, logic, music theory, the doctrine of religion, mathematics, the theory of the state and others. The monograph systematically examines the thoughts of Al-Farabi concerning the actual problems of philosophy, logic, ethics, spirituality and social structure. The book is addressed to students, undergraduates, doctoral students, university teachers and a wide range of readers interested in philosophy, cultural studies, religious studies, and political science.
Foundations of world history and civilization // Kurmanbayeva, S. A., K. A. Tuleneva reference manual. – Semey, 2015. – 222 P.
The reference textbook presents mainly holistic universal historical events and cultural phenomena in a single key-the Ancient East (Egypt, Mesopotamia), Antiquity (Ancient Greece, Rome), Byzantium, Western Europe – with the trend of genealogical development.
History of Kazakhstan. Training manual. – Almaty: “Ziyat Press”, 2006. – 168 P.
The topics of the textbook covering the Soviet period were based on the differentiation of shadow points and pages of “aktandak”, linking the history of the country with the internal and foreign policy of the Soviet Union. The current historical path of development of the independent Republic of Kazakhstan is described in detail.
Philosophy: educational and methodological manual-Almaty: KazNMU named after S. D. Asfendiyarov, 2005, p. 105. All the elements of the methodological guide for preparing for practical classes are reflected. The educational and methodological manual discipline philosophy is intended for students of medical universities.
History of Kazakhstan (1917-2008): textbook. – Almaty, 2008. – 73 P. The textbook is dedicated to the Soviet era and the modern period, meeting the modern requirements of studying this course at the university.
Workers of the food industry of Kazakhstan during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) – Almaty, 2008. – 91 p.
The book examines the activities and development of one of the largest branches of the national economy of the republic using new archival documents and previously published works.