The Visiting Professor from the USA, Dr. Scott Cannon Miller

Under the program of visiting professors Dr. Scott Cannon Miller from the University of Utah, a member of the American  Association of Anatomists, the editor of the American Journal of Anatomy had held seminars and master class lectures on the chair of the Normal Anatomy of the Kazakh State Medical University  in the period November 11 till November 17, 2011.

The lecture of Dr. Scott Miller   «Current Concepts in Anatomy Education» was attended by the chair of anatomy stuff and anatomists from other medical educational centers of Kazakhstan (Semei, Astana, Aktobe, Shimkent, Turkestan).

Also for the students of  the faculty “General Medicine”  Dr. Scott Miller gave lectures on osteology,  bone stock biology, age, sex and individual variability of the skeleton anatomy,  on morphological changes of the adrenal gland of laboratory animals under normal and stress conditions.

He gave master class lectures on the subjects “Imaging methods in the anatomical sciences” and  “Nanotherapeutic drug delivery systems and peculiarities of anatomical organs and systems functions”.

Prof. Miller’s  lecture «Demands to  manuscripts and  rules and ethics of publishing in western journals” arose a great  interest among the University scientific and educational stuff,  student interns and residents and pre-doctoral fellows.

There also was held a round table with Prof. Miller’s participation and the Students Association “The best 100”.

Prof. Millers visit has had a lasting deep and unforgettable impression on the students and teachers.  The high level of disclosure of his lectures content, simplicity and  accessibility  during discussions at seminars, the ability to charge positively the auditorium and raise correct problem issues, to give lectures in the form of a dialogue will be a good sample  and a proper checkpoint  for further mastering and improving  teaching skills for the stuff of the Normal Anatomy chair of our University.

Normal Anatomy teachers and visiting professor Scott Miller

The Normal Anatomy Chair advisers, docents Minzhanova G. R., Dakenova K. T., Iskindirova  A. M.  after having special training and getting certifications  held meetings and consultations with the  students of the faculty “General Medicine”  helping to choose electives.  Each student has chosen two electives:

one  – a basic subject in English from 3 offered subjects and the other – a recommended subject in the Kazakh language (for students studying in Russian) or in Russian (for students studying in Kazakh language) from 11  offered electives. The list of students who chose electives was handed to the University Office Registrar.

On March 28 there was held the second round of the scientific conference of the students of  basic subjects Department chairs.   Members of Science Student  Group  “Anatomist” Abdikadirov M.  (08-009/1) GM (Scientific Adviser – Proff. Zhanibekov D. E.) and Khairusheva D.  (10-005/1)  won prizes and got diplomas.