Scientific circle of students and young scientists «Daryn» presented their achievements on the Fair scientific circles

     The 7th of october 2016 year- beginning of the new academic year was marked by an outstanding event «Fair scientific circles», which was  organized KazNMU named after S.D.Asfendiyarov at University Arena. The fair was attended by representatives of the clubs basic and clinical departments, including the scientific circle «Daryn» of the Department of Emergency  medical aid, there are the scientific director is the doctor of medical sciences, professor Musaev A.T and members of circle- students Aiteli R. Kabdekenova J., Daserbay K., J. Omirgalieva, Beglar D. Egamberdieva M.Ibrahimova M., etc .; interns- Zhanen Z. Aldabergenov E. Mergenbaev J., M. Kamal, undergraduates- Imangalieva A. Hablanov A., etc. The total number of members of the group exceeds 70 students and young scientists. Scientific circle «Daryn» provided information on research activities with the policies applying three languages, participation with performances in Spain, Hungary, Portugal, Poland, Germany, and publications with national and international level in an amount of more than 40 articles, including the impact factor greater than 12 articles, one of which is published in conjunction with scientists from USA-Florida State University professor Kenneth Blum and his colleagues in the journal «Journal of Genetic Syndromes and Gene Therapy» with impact factor of 5.89. In April and September 2016 in the International Student Conference in Poland and Germany, which was attended by over 300 students from 38 countries, including USA, Canada, Europe and Asia, Kazakhstan was represented by circle members reports «Daryn» KazNMU named after S.D.Asfendiyarov, the participants received certificates and occupied prize of 3rd place. Materials article were published in the International Student Conference (International medical student’s conference Cracow, Poland April 14-16th 2016, 27th European student’s conference Berlin, September 28th — October 1st 2016)
Carrying out such activities among students and young scientists do not only generates interests in science, but also a sense of patriotism for the country, playing a major role in the education of students and young scientists.