Publishing Activities

Department of Nervous Diseases of the Kazakh National Medical University named after S.D. Asfendiyarov — one of the oldest associations of university, which made a huge contribution to the science of neurology.

At the department worked many prominent neuroscientists of Republic and of the Soviet Union: E.M.Steblov, R.G.Mandryka, E.L.Falkova — Calico, M.S.Genina, M.H.Farizov, S.K.Priyatkina, T.T.Tagbergenov, U.I.Bisembina , E.V.Shan , B.A.Atchabarov , 1950 M.H. Farizov, 1953 I.I.Velikanov, M.H.Farizov, A.P.Kasatkina, E.L.Falkova — Calico, S.K.Priyatkina et al., 1964 T.T.Tagbergenov, N.K.Adibaeva, 1969 K.H.Turuspekova, 1970 S.N.Galyanov, 1971 E.Z. Putintseva, 1971 K.M.Bolgozhina, 1971 M.A.Akhmetov, 1971, N.S.Kayshibaev, N.K.Klipitskaya, B.S.Aytkuzhina, F.A.Musabaeva, E.S.Nurguzhaev, T.T.Bokebaev, S.A.Zhanaydarov, E.S. Seitenov, N.A.Krasnoyarova, S.E.Muhametzhanova, M.G.Abdrakhmanova, G.P.Chasenova, G.M.Mustafina, B.S.Gienbaeva, A.Sh.Izbassarova (1994 — 2004). Their works were published in six thematic collections (1984, 1986, 1991, 1994, 2000, 2002, 2004) and 4 monographs.

Scientific works of A.R. Khalimova, T.I. Izakova (1972), G.K. Ergazina and K.E. Zholboldin, A.B. Aldabergenova (1996), E.B. Atantaev, S.S. Zhukabaeva (2000); B.J. Akbergenova, Z. Kurmangaliev (1988), M.I. Vansvanov, 2001; A.A. Karibjanov, G.B. Kabdrakhmanov (1998, 2002), A.B. Kadrzhanova, (1997), N.I. Ivakin (1993-1998), Sh Bulekbayeva, G.A. Mukhambetova (1994-1999) published in the conference proceedings, 3 themed books and teaching aids .

Professor S.K. Kayshibaev paid great attention to teaching. Textbook «Propedeutics of nervous diseases» (Professor S.Kayshibaev, M.S.Genina ) was for many years a reference book for students and neurologists. Under the guidance of Professor Smagul Kayshibaevicha in 1998 were published monograph «Early cerebral atherosclerosi: clinical features, diagnosis and treatment.»

It should be noted that in Kazakhstan, Professor S.K. Kayshibaev was the first author of the textbook «Neurology» (Volume 1 — propaedeutics of nervous diseases, vol 2 — private neurology) for medical students in the state and russian languages. Students of our university are taught the discipline of «Neurology» with this textbook.

In 2005, Professor S.K. Kayshibaev made «Reference Dictionary of neurological terms», where are the terms and concepts commonly used in medicine, and in particular in clinical neurology.

Professor AbeuovB.A. make a big deal to the national neurology introduced «Guide to Eastern (alternative) medicine,» «Electroencephalography Biofeedback. Application in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system (co. B.N.Raimkulov with, G.S. Tileubaeva). A neurologist Kazakhstan are the classification of diseases of the nervous system, published under the direction of Professor B.A.Abeuov, E.S.Nurguzhaev (2002).

Labor department was a collection of tests for students, medical residents and neurologists (2001).

Under the guidance of Professor Nurguzhaev E.S., Professor B.N. Raimkulov published textbooks «Modern approaches to the treatment of facial nerve neuropathy», «Dyscirculating encephalopathy» guidelines «Dizzy with vertebral — basilar insufficiency. Modern aspects of diagnosis and therapy,» «Back Pain». Professor J.R. Idrisova have been developed algorithms for the treatment of neural infections, published textbooks» Demyelinating disease in children», «Cerebrovascular disease of children,»and an assistant professor Mukhambetova G.A. written for pediatric neurologists manuals» Neuroses and neurosis disorder in children», «Violation of cognitive development in children.»

In 2012 Professor E.S. Nurguzhaev together with Prof. A. Fedulov published a textbook «Neurology and Neurosurgery» Volume 1: propaedeutics, semiotics and injuries to the nervous system; «Vysheyshaya School», which was released in the Republic of Belarus.

Thus, the first in our Republic Department of Nervous Diseases in the years of its existence contributed to the creation of the Kazakh school neurologists. Published more than 900 works, including 12 monographs, 2 textbooks in Russian and Kazakh languages, dozens of textbooks.


Almost all the leaders of the departments of neurology in the universities of Kazakhstan are pupils of our department. They are Professor E.S.Nurguzhaev, J.M.Ermekov, G.A.Duschanova, E.S.Seitenov, T.T.Bokebaev, M.G.Abdrakhmanova, G.B.Kabdrakhmanov.

Currently, members of the department of nervous diseases publish their research articles in specialized medical journals on the list KKSON RK, thematic collections, publishes textbooks, manuals for neurologists, general practitioners.