Literature party: “The whole world is a theatre…”, devoted to the 450-th anniversary of William Shakespeare.

In the aims of moral and aesthetic education of students the foreign languages department together with the Dean Council of  foreign students carried out in April 18th , 2015 the literature party, devoted to the creative work of prominent English poet and playwrightWilliam Shakespeare.

The organizers of the party were the head of the department, associate professor SuleymenovaO.Ya, senior teacherSadykova A.A., senior teacher Lozenko I.V.

The speech of welcome had the Dean of foreign students Ivanchenko N.N.

The party attended more than 100 students of General Medicine faculty, groups.№ 14-045, 14-046, 14-047, 14-048, 14-049.

During the literature party the students showed main “classical” scenes from the most well-known tragedies and comedies, written by  William Shakespeare: “Macbeth”, “Romeo and Julia”, “The Midsummer Night’s dream”, and also recited sonnets № 130, 154.

All these literature works were recited in English language, used in XVI-th century, with keeping original literature style of William Shakespeare.

Theparticipantsoftheperformancetogetherwithteacherspreparednecessarydecorations, stagecostumesandproperties. During the party 50 photos of its participants were made.

It is necessary to mark,that allstudents organized this literature party with great interest and were satisfied with their performances.

The literature performance had an educational and cognitive significance. The students broadened their knowledge and got the additional information about classical dramatic art of William Shakespeare, theatrical art and culture of Great Britain.