Department of Nervous Diseases was organized by the Kazakh Institute of Medicine in 1934. It`s founder and leader was Professor Evsej Moiseevich Steblov (1934-1956 years). He began to work with one assistant and one analyst.



Evsej Moiseevich Steblov (headed department from 1934  till 1956)

Since the founding of the department its scientific problem was neuroinfections in Kazakhstan: tick-borne encephalitis and malaria, neurobrucellosis, damage to the nervous system after the flu (supervised by E.M. Steblov and M.H.Farizov). The study of natural foci of tick-borne encephalitis in Kazakhstan, features of epidemiology, clinical meaning and outcomes of it have a definite value for practical public health of our republic. Clinical and epidemiological data from the department staff ( E.L.Falkova , M.S.Genina) were used in the preparation of guidelines for tick-borne encephalitis in Kazakhstan.

During the Great Patriotic War, members of the department (E.M.Steblov, R.G. Mandryko, ass. Falkova E.L.), continuing to train health education of the medical staff at the same time provide expert advice for base hospitals, placed in Alma-Ata. Farizov M.H. and assistant Professor K.V.Andreev were at the forefront, working in front-line hospitals. Plenty of military awards marked their achievements during the difficult years of the war.

In the future, with the expansion of the department Evsej Moiseevich created a team of experienced teachers, prepared the 5 candidates of medical sciences.

The successor of Professor E.M.Steblov was Professor Mukhametzhan Khakimovich Farizov (1957-1976). He was a skilled clinician, a veteran of World War II and a man of broad vision of scientific interest.



Mukhametzhan Khakimovich Farizov (headed department from 1957 till 1976)

In the future, life brought ahead the problem of vascular diseases of the brain, and since 1960  this problem has taken a leading role in scientific work of the department (upervisor — M.H.Farizov ). Employees of the department at that time took part in the country’s theme, led by the Institute of Neurology Medical Sciences, studing the epidemiology of vascular diseases of the brain and genetic factors that could take part in the development and distribution of the stroke. Mukhametzhan Khakimovich was the initiator and organizer of the first in the Kazakh SSR neurovascular department for patients with acute cerebral stroke .

At the department worked scientists, which were well-known in our country and abroadб such as neuropathologist R.G. Mandryko, who chaired the department of nervous diseases of the Karaganda Medical Institute for 24 years ( 1951-1975 ). Associate Professor Z.M.Bryantseva for 5 years (1975-1980 ) chaired the department of nervous diseases of the State Institute of Advanced Medical in Alma-Ata. Velikanov I.I. — MD, senior researcher at the Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy Pyatigorsk, Atchabarov B.A. — doctor of medical sciences, professor, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

A great contribution to the education of neurologists and neuroscientists in Kazakhstan made a Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor A.P.Kasatkina, which is about 10 years worked at the Department of Nervous Diseases ASMI and for 10 years (1965-1975) chaired the department of nervous diseases in Alma -Ata Institute of Postgraduate Medical.

Under the guidance of Professor M.H. Farizov were prepared 1 doctoral and 7 candidate theses. About 10 years M.H. Fariz headed the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan. More than 15 years he was a member of the editorial board of the journal «Health of Kazakhstan.»

From January 1977 to August 2000 the Head of the department of nervous diseases was Professor, MD Smagul Kayshibaevich Kayshibaev. With the establishment of the department of nervous diseases has expanded its clinical base.



Smagul Kayshibaevich Kayshibaev (headed department from 1977 till 2000)


Since the late 1970s, the results of scientific research of the department were widely implemented in health care practice. At the time of diagnosis of stroke used methods such as serial angiography of the brain, the method of identifying the «hidden synkineses» using electromyogram, Echo — encephalography. With the same purpose were introduced an original method of studying the physical condition of the contents of craniospinal cavity, developed at the Research Institute of the regional pathology under the supervision of a member — correspondent of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR Professor B.A. Atchabarov. As one of the criteria for assessing dehydration therapy of stroke was used the method of impedance control. In the complex treatment of acute ischemic stroke were used methods of acupuncture and hyperbaric oxygenation.

Since 1980 widely were studied changes in the autonomic nervous system during the initial manifestations of cerebrovascular disease. The development of these issues was carried out on the basis of the agreement on cooperation with research institutes and regional pathology Cardiology Department of Health of the Kazakh SSR.

Since the end of 1980 employees of the department were actively working on problems of early diagnosis and treatment of disorders of cerebral circulation, the consequences of traumatic brain injury and diabetic encephalopathy.

While members of the department were based in neurological departments of the Central Clinical Hospital, City Hospital #1, City Hospital #7, the Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital «Aksai», as well as the department of neurosurgery Regional Hospital.

In 2000 at the department worked 19 employees (1 Chair, 2 professors, 3 associate professors, 10 assistant, 1 and 2 senior laboratory technician).

Methodical work in those years was conducted on the medical, pediatric, dental and hygiene departments. During the existence of the Department of education in the field of neuropathology were tens of thousands of students, more than dozens of medical residents, interns, trained more than 200 experienced clinicians, neurologists. The total number of published scientific work performed by employees of the department since its founding is more than 500. By 2000 were published 11 collections, 8 monographs and more than 100 guidelines, 3 textbooks, 2 textbook for students in Russian and Kazakh, Russian — Kazakh dictionary neurological terms, received more than 10 invention certificates and more than 30 innovations.

Professor M. H. Fariz was the initiator and organizer of the national Society of Neurologists and Psychiatrists of Kazakhstan. For many years he was its undisputed leader. His successor in office Professor SK Kayshibaev led the scientific community neurologists, neurosurgeons and psychiatrists in Kazakhstan.

Kayshibaev S.K. scientific and practical activity was associated with the organization and development of methods for the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of cerebral circulation. Under Kayshibaev S.K. were made 52 candidate and 17 doctoral theses. Five of his students led by specialized departments in medical schools of the Republic.

For services to the scientific and practical work and training of the teaching staff Professor Kayshibaev S.K. was awarded the medal «For Labour Valour» (1967), «For valorous work in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of VI Lenin «(1970), marked «Excellent Health of the USSR» (1971), honorary certificates of the USSR Ministry of Higher Education (1981), the Ministry of Health of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (1985), the Ministry of Health (1991) and the Jubilee Medal» 10 years of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan «(2001),»Honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan.»



The lecture of Professor Kayshibaev S.K. (1978)


Bypass of the Professor Kayshibaev S.K., 1978

(Neurology Center named after Kayshibaev S.K.)


The staff of the nerveous disease department (1997)


Since 2000 by 2004 years the Chair of the department was Professor, MD Abeuov Bolat Amenovich. Professor Abeuov worked in the clinical basis of State Hospital #1 that have been the scientific and medical-diagnostic activity of the department of nervous diseases.



Abeuov Bolat Amenovich (headed depatment from 2000 till 2004)

B.A.Abeuov initiated and organized the Association of Neurologists of Kazakhstan.

The Association fulled the information vacuum that emerged after the collapse at the time the Soviet Union, also settled a wide international connections. Professor B.A.Abeuov successfully combined research and teaching activities with the therapeutic work, consulting patients in the leading hospitals in Almaty and regional medical facilities.

Under the guidance of Professor BA Abeuova during his years at the university were protected 1 doctoral and 10 master’s theses. Bulat Amenovich Abeuov published more than 120 scientific papers, including 4 monographs and several manuals. 5 patented inventions and 15 of rational proposals for which he was awarded the title of «Inventor of the USSR.»

Under the guidance of Professor B.A.Abeuov were done 1 doctoral and 10 candidate theses. B.A.Abeuov published more than 120 scientific papers, including 4 monographs and several manuals. He was awarded the title of Inventor of the USSR for 5 patented inventions and 15 of rational proposals.

Since October 2004 to the present time the department of nervous diseases of the Kazakh National Medical University named after SD Asfendiyarov is headed by Professor, MD Nurguzhaev Erkyn Smagulovich. Over the years the department contributes great work of the  neurological departments in state clinics.


Professor Nurguzhaev Erkin Smagulovich

(has been headed department from 2004 till recent days)

Scientific and practical activity of the Department under Professor E.S. Nurguzhaev work is  associated with the study and implementation of methods of diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, demyelinating diseases, somatoneurology, which results are announced at scientific and practical conferences. Professor Nurguzhaev, as the Chair of the Association of Neurologists of Kazakhstan, regularly organizes scientific conferences. Employee of the Department adequately represent neurologists of Kazakhstan at international forums, congresses and conferences.

Many contributions to the department and university lecturers made Klipitskaya Nina Konstantinovna, Musabaeva Flora Akanovna, Kalmeneva Irina Muhametzhanovna, being a mentor for assistants, medical residents, interns, beginning neurologists.

Professor Nurgugaev supervised 3 doctoral and 12 candidates dissertations. It should be noticed that in 2013 there were held the first PhD approval, which was supervised by the Professor Nurgugaev.


The department nowadays

The staff of the Department: Head of Department — Professor Nurguzhaev Erkyn Smagulovich, Professor Raimkulov Bekmurat Nametovich, Associate Professors: Mukhambetova Gulnar Amerzaevna and Izbasarova Akmaral Shaymerdenovna; assistants: MD Dmitriy Alekseevich Mitrokhin, Iliev Renat Tuglukovich, Nurzhanova Rose Baltabaevna, Karimova Altynay Sagidullaevna, Nurlybaeva Gulnaz Ashatovna, Kadrzhanova Galiya Baekenovna, Dostaeva Balnur Sadykovna, Julanova Aizhan Tolegenovna, Smagulova Aliya Rafikovna.

Currently, clinical bases of the department of nervous diseases are neurological budget  and stroke department № 1 and 2 in State Hospital №7, neurological department of the Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital «Aksai», budget and private neurological and neurorehabilitation departments in State Hospital №1, Educational and clinical Center of KazNMU, City Hospital» Alatau».

At the department of nervous diseases before 2011 was conducted education in a linear   credit form for the following disciplines: for 3, 4, 5, 6 courses students in the specialty 051106 «Oriental Medicine», the students of the 5th year 051301 «General Medicine» on the subject «Neurology», students 5 courses in specialty 051101 «Medicine» — (SES-2005), «Neurology, 3rd year in «Dentistry» in the discipline of «Neurology». Since 2009 till 2013 2nd year students were engaged in specialty 051101 «Nursing» on the subject «Nursing in neurology.»

According to Bologna Declaration KazNMU gradually moved credit ssystem of education. Since 2012 the Department of Nervous Diseases educate undergraduate students of the 5th year specialty 051301 «General Medicine» on the subject «Neuroscience» and 3rd year students of specialty «Dentistry».

It should be noted high teaching, clinical and research activities of experienced members of the department: Prof. Kayshibaev Nurlan Smagulovich, Idrisova Zhanat Rustemovna, Turuspekova Saule Tlepbergenovna, Zhanaydarov Janibek Srymovich.

In the 2011-2012 academic year under the guidance of an experienced clinician and teacher, PhD, As. Professor Kalmeneva Irina Muhametzhanovna successfully completed the first release of 10 residents in «Neuropathology, including pediatric neurology» who have continued to work in the medical health care institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the 2012-2013 academic year, completed 9 resident neurologists led by Professor Raimkulov Bekmurat Nametovich. In the 2013-2014 academic year Associate Professor, MD Mukhambetova Gulnar Amerzaevna is responsible for the residents, studying in department.

Oua residents by Professor Nurguzhaev Erkyn Smagulovich had experienced the cycle of choice at the University of Minsk (Professor Ponomarev V.V., Belarus).

Employees of the department of nervous diseases run in constant contact with the authorities of practical health care, conduct clinical work in basic clinics and provide neurological consultations for patients of all departments on relevant clinical sites. All members of the department regularly take part in the social life of the university. With the organization of the Department of Nervous Diseases of the Kazakh National Medical University, founding and development of neuropathology in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the main one — the successful preparation of highly qualified doctors — specialists for all regions of Kazakhstan, experienced teachers of higher education and training of scientists — neurologists with a broad outlook.