Founder first school pathophysiologists Kazakhstan — an outstanding scientist, Honored Scientist of the Kazakh SSR, MD, professor OssipSergeyevichGlozmanu — 115 years

Founder first school pathophysiologists Kazakhstan — an outstanding scientist, Honored Scientist of the Kazakh SSR, MD, professor OssipSergeyevichGlozmanu — 115 years

000OsipSergeyevich was born February 7, 1900 in Vilnius in the family dentist.Early lost his parents, he was left in the care of older sister and brother. In 1917, OsipSergeyevich graduated from the Saratov gymnasium with a silver medal, in 1922 — Medical Faculty of the University of Saratov. After graduation he worked as a district doctor of railway, and from 1925 to 1930 — in hospitals and laboratories of the railway system town of Saratov.In 1925 he was elected to contest supernumerary assistant at the department of general pathology Saratov University, in 1929 was approved by a graduate student in the same department.In 1930 O.S. Glozman prematurely graduated from graduate school and became senior staff assistant in the department of pathophysiology, then associate professor. From 1932 to 1946 OsipSergeyevich headed the department of pathophysiology of Saratov University.

In 1935 O.S. Glozman was awarded a PhD degree without thesis. In 1937, OsipSergeyevich defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic «Materials for the doctrine of the blood-brain barrier.»

In 1939, OsipSergeyevich was elected to the city council of Saratov.During the Great Patriotic War was Commissioner for Medical Institute to the defense lines of Saratov, Commissioner of the people’s militia in the city of Saratov, was wounded.During the war, he donated blood 35 times for the wounded (9 liters), for which he was awarded «Honorary donor of the USSR».

In 1946, Professor O.S.Glozman moved to Alma-Ata, where he headed the department of pathophysiology medical institute. In the postwar years, scientificresearchof OsipSergeyevichreceived a special urgency, dedicated to the pathophysiology of extreme conditions such as shock, acute hemorrhage, toxemia of different origin.A distinctive feature of scientific research professor’s O.S.Glozman was their practical orientation, a close relationship with the clinic.

Led by Professor O. Glozman staff of the department developed and implemented in the clinic active methods of detoxification of the body: the operation of substitution of blood, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, cross-circulation, drainage, replacement of liquor and others.To perform research studies at the department was organized laboratory «artificial kidney», which in the 60 years worked as head of the laboratory Pak Peter Alexandrovich (1962-1964), head of the laboratory of Anna ZielinskaArkadevna (1965), doctors-biochemists Nemolchev Vladimir Ivanovich (1965-1966), Zavalishina Lidia (1965), PronichevaLudmila (1966-1968), Mangletooth (Kurashvili) Ludmila (1966-1969), Nazarenko Natalia (1968-1969) and others.

Professor O.S. Glozmanand his students in the experiment on animals was first developed technique, equipment and pathophysiological basis of the operation of partial and complete replacement of blood.Since 1949, the substitution method of blood for the first time in the Soviet Union began to be used in clinical settings in Almaty.By 1962, in clinics and hospitals in Almaty was conducted over 325 operations replacement of blood in patients with carbon monoxide poisoning, bleached, mercuric chloride, various drugs, as well as in uremia and in newborns with hemolytic disease.

Professor O.S.Glozman — author of over 100 scientific works, including 4 monographs (in collaboration with A.P.Kasatkina):

  • Full substitution and exchange transfusion as methods of experimental therapy.-M.: publishing and type. Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, 1950. — 148 p.
  • Modern methods of active therapy of acute toxicosis.-М.: Мedgiz, 1959. — 278 p.
  • Substitution of blood. – Alma-Ata: Kazgosizdat, 1963. – 211p.
  • Detoxification therapy in acute poisoning and autointoxication.–Tashkent: «Medicine», — 320 p.

The latter work is the largest and is a guide to the basics of toxicology.

Professor O.S.Glozman made ​​a significant contribution to the development of pathological physiology that has been recognized among the pathophysiology of the country.Recognized were his ideas about health and disease, published in the manual of pathological physiology (Moscow, 1966), the role of pathological physiology as functional pathology of the body, about the scientific heritage II Mechnikov.

In 1960, OsipSergeyevich was a delegate to the international medical congress in Madrid, and in 1963 — made ​​a report to the national congress of blood transfusion in Bulgaria.For many years he led the student scientific society and philosophical seminar Almaty medical institute.

At the same time to the duties of head of department, Professor O.S.Glozman in different years was deputy director for science Institute of regional pathology, chairman of the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Health of the Kazakh SSR, chairman of the Republican scientific society pathophysiologists, dean of the faculty of pediatrics, the Republican chairman of the gerontological society, a board member of the All-Union gerontological society, deputy chairman of the Republicanl society of pathologists, a member of the Editorial Board of «Pathological physiology and experimental therapy.»

OsipSergeyevich was a brilliant lecturer.His lectures were distinguished by a deep content, brightness, originality and attracted the attention of not only students, but also the doctors of the city. OsipSergeyevich was a highly educated, spoke english, french and german.

Over the course of employment professor O.S.Glozman was awarded the Order «Badge of Honor» (1941), the medal «For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War (1947), the badge «Honorary donor of the USSR»(1945),  badge «Excellent Health» (1956), two diplomas of the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR, certificates of the City council and other public organizations, the title of «Honored scientist of the Kazakh SSR.»

Over the years, in Kazakhstan professor O.S. Glozman prepared 3 doctors and 22 candidates of sciences and was created Almaty School pathophysiology.