Educational work

Educational work at department is carried out according to the plan of educational work of the University. Students get acquainted with the history of department, discussions on ethics and medical ethics, anti-corruption policy, a charity event (visit of orphanages), actions for prevention of religious extremism are led.

2015-2016 academic year

4.10.2015 the University student’s conference a format of a debate between students of faculty “General medicine” and “Medico-preventive business” on a subject is held: Vaccination: Pros and cons.

03/01/2016, the interns of 610 gr., Studying in the state language (the head of the Assoc. Prof. Ospanbekova N.К.) gave a lecture at the Almaty Industrial College on the topic: “Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of influenza and ARVI.”

The chair carefully keeps its traditions. By the 105th anniversary of the head of the department of infectious diseases in 1965-1974 y. Reformatsky meeting was held with her son Y. Reformatsky.

2017-2018academic year

In 2017-2018 Department staff took on supervision 3 groups of the 5th course of the faculty “GM” (6 subgroups). Curators: assistants Ergaliyeva A.A., Baykhozhaeva R.Zh., Umeshova L.A., Kashim Zh.K., Konsuova A.K., Sarsembieva A.A.

11/14/2017, the talks were held in the Women’s consultations of the city polyclinics of Almaty. Action “Why should pregnant women be vaccinated against the flu?” (Together with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No. 2).

09.12.2017, the department staff with supervising groups visited the Independence Monument.

17.03.2018 within the holiday “Nauryz” at department a competition among students of the 5th course “Schools of the General Medicine” Үкілі кәмшат, бүрмелікөйлек” is held. Competition purpose: to impart at students love and respect for traditions and customs of the people living in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Organizers: teacher professorial structure of department: manager.kaf. Duysenova.A.K., доц.Sadykova A.M., assortment of Ergaliyev. A.A., assortment of Sarsembiyev A.A.

The competition took place from 5 stages:

  1. “Мен сұлумын, ақылды, көріктімін” (welcome speech of the participant).
  2. “Саусағынан бал тамған” (homework: preparation of national products, dishes).
  3. “Ақылына көркі сай” (questions and answers on customs and traditions of the Kazakh people).
  4. “Өнерлі өрге жүзеді” (a performance with music turn: dance, song)
  5. Қыздарға әсемдік жарасады” (display of national suits).

Students 5 Crous of faculty of “The general medicine” and MMF participated in a competition: Zhardemova Inabat, Kuanysh Fariza 516-1, Seytkazy Dinara 521-1 kaz. Group, Eralkasynkyzy Dinara 522-1 kaz. group, Tezekbay Saniya 514-2, Maidan Ayman 573-1 анг.group.

Students of the 5th course KazykhanJambyl actively participated in the organization and holding a competition (516-1gr.), Tursynbekova Aygerim 521-2 group.

Results of a competition estimated jury with use of a mark system. The unanimous decision of jury of the Grand Prix received Kuanysh Fariza, 1 place is awarded by Zhardemova Inabat, the 2nd place – to Seytkazy Dinara, the 3rd place – Tezekbay Saniye, the Maidan Ayman, to Eralkasynkyzy Dinara.

The concluding remarks were provided to the veteran of department associate professor Seydulayeva L.B. who noted that the competition took place at the high level, students showed customs and traditions of the people living in Kazakhstan showed the creative abilities.

2018-2019 academic year

In 2018-2019 the staff of department headed on a kuration 3 group 5 of faculty of “OHMS”(6 subgroups). Curators: доц. Ospanbekova N.K., associate professor. Sadykova S.S., assistant.Dautaliyeva Zh.

15.11.2018 in the conference hall of GIKB of I.S. Zhekenova the Round table on a subject was carried out: “An era independence”, devoted to discussion of the book of Elbasa, the Leader Nation of N. Nazarbayev. Students of OHMS of the 5th course of group 31(1.2), 32(1.2), 43(1.2), 44(1.2) and the staff of department participated in discussion. Made an opening speech the associate professor, responsible for educational work of Ospanbekov N.K.She noted importance of the book of N. Nazarbayev as взгяд on achievements and mistakes for years of independence of the first person and plans for the future.

The speaker Koskasidi Nikoleta informed listeners of 33 points of specifically accepted achievements of our Republic for the years of independence and plans for the future described in the book and also reviews of the book by modern politicians. Teachers and students with interest listened to the report and expressed the opinion on the book by NursultanAbishevich and also watched video from discussion of the book of N. Nazarbayev by the Russian politicians. The stand for “An Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan” is released.


03/13/2019, as part of the Nauryz holiday, the Concordia Theater held a competition among 5th year students of the School of General Medicine, 3th year of the School of Dentistry – «Қыз өссе елдің көркі».

Organizers: Department of Infectious Diseases with a course of dermatovenereology (department head, professor Duysenova.A.K.), School of General Medicine, School of Dentistry, Department of Youth Policy (department for the implementation of cultural and creative projects).

The purpose of the competition: To instill love and respect for national traditions. A distinctive feature of the competition at our university is a demonstration of the spiritual culture, national color and humanism of the doctor.

The competition consisted of 5 stages:

  1. «I am beautiful, smart, slim!» (Greetings to the participants)
  2. «Skillful hands» (Table setting, napkin decoration)
  3. «dance competition, songs» (competition: dance, songs, monologue reading)
  4. «Knowledge contest » (questions and answers according to the customs and traditions of our people)
  5. First wealth is health. My future profession. (Why did our participants choose such a humane and responsible profession and talk about their future profession).

The competition was attended by 5th year students of the School of General Medicine, 3 courses of the School of Dentistry:

– Әnuarbek Zhansaya GM 18-006-1 kaz.

– Rakhmanov Aisan GM 18-006-1 Kaz.

– Nurbek Asylgul ST-16-002-01 kaz.

– Beristem Camila ST-16-007-01 kaz.

– Usenova Dinara ST16-007-2kaz.

– Utepbergenova Nurzhanat ST — 16-007-2 kaz, as well as the hosts of this competition 3rd year students of the School of Dentistry Zhұbanbai Kazhimұқan ST-17-004-01kaz, Abdrakhman Bekzat ST-17-004-02 kaz.

The results of the competition were evaluated by a competent jury using a point system based on check lists.

By unanimous decision of the jury Grand Prix and nomination «Сымбатты ару» eceived – Әnuarbek Zhansaya (student GM 18-006-1 kaz.), 1st place was awarded to Rakhmanova Aisana (GM 18-006-1 kaz.), 2nd place and nomination “Audience Award” Nurbek Asylgul (ST-16- 002-01 Kaz.), 3rd place and nomination «Өнерлі ару» Usenova Dinara (ST16-007-2kaz.), With the nomination “Parasatta aru” and “Prize for active participation” received Beristem Kamila (ST-16-007-01 kaz).