Department of Pathological Anatomy

Department of Pathology KazNMU was organized in 1933, the team consisted of three members: Professor NE Glekler and two assistants — EA Trinity and JE Landa. Was created a collection of macro-and micro preparations  general pathological of the most important processes and human diseases. Conducted in-depth methodological work on structuring the lecture material and practical lessons in general and the private rate of pathological anatomy.

In 1934- 1938yaers chair was a professor B. F. Malyshev of the Leningrad school of pathologists. The first graduate of the department were Zikeeva A.I. and S.F.Serov. Subsequently, associate professor of A. I. Zikeeva organized the department of pathological anatomy in Alma-Ata Institute of Advanced Medical. Professor S.F.Serov for many years headed the laboratory of pathological morphology of the Research Institute of Oncology by name  N. N. Petrov, in Leningrad.

Since 1938 the department was in charge of Assistant Professor P.P.Ochkur in the future — a professor, a representative of the Kharkov school of pathologists. P.P.Ochkur directed research on the morphology of infectious diseases and oncology in Kazakhstan. They were published in 1940 is a unique monograph devoted to morphological changes in brucellosis, which became widely known both at home and abroad. The results of his research on brucellosis were presented was published in Berlin in the manual of pathological anatomy in 1966. From 1956 on the initiative of P.P.Ochkura at the Department of Pathology ASMI worked actively Society of Pathologists. In subsequent years, the department led by Associate Professor Alexander Kondratenko (1969-1970, 1973-1974yaers), Professor F.J. Yaglinisky (1972 ), Professor H.S. Nugmanova (1975-1990)

Khalida Safievna Nugmanova — Ph.D., professor, head of the department for 15 years from 1975 to 1990. Scientific direction of the Department of Pathology was breathing. She has published over 100 scientific papers. Under her leadership, were protected by 15 Ph.D. theses.

Samigulla Ibatullaevich Irzhanov — Ph.D., professor, doctor of higher category. Headed the department from 1990 — 2010, a student of the Leningrad school of Pathologists, a member of the International Academy of Pathology. The priority research areas the department during this period were oncomorphology and infectious pathology. He published more than 100 scientific papers, including three monographs. Under his leadership, 21 master’s theses are protected, and 3 doctorates.

Julia Siyazbekovna Ismailova — from 2010 to the present time is the head of the Department of Pathological Anatomy and Forensic Medicine, MD, professor, doctor of higher category, a student of the Moscow school of pathologists. She has more than 160 scientific publications in national and international publications, including monographs, scientific — teaching and learning aids. She is the co-author of the chapter «Children pathology»in the textbookZh.B.Akhmetov»Anatomy  pathological». Under the guidance of MD, Professor Yulia Ismailova were protected by five Ph.D. and doctoral theses.Her  research interests perinatal pathology, viral infections, children’s pathology.

At present the main research areas of the department: perinatal pathology and infectious viral pathology. Professor Yulia Siyazbekovna Ismailova actively manages the grant of scientific — technical programs, conducts scientific — practical conference city.

The department held training on line, credit and modular systems, students 2.3 Courses Faculties «GeneralMedicine», «Nursing», «Public  health» and «Stomatological».  Also, students  of six courses of therapeutical and pediatric departments of interns — allied (obstetrician — gynecologists). The department operates the histological laboratory, which are being prepared for histological preparations of the educational process and scientific — research work.

Each training room is equipped with binocular microscopes Department of the company «Zeizz» and allotment training room for  the  multihead microscope «Axio imager A-1″ with a computer for simultaneous demonstration micropreparations and photographing the educational and scientific material at the microscopic level. The Museum Department has more than 250 close-up of drugs, many of which are unique.

Department of Clinical bases are all postmortem pathology department of the City Office in Almaty and autopsy Department City Hospital emergency room. Clinical work department staff is to conduct autopsies, the study operationally biopsical material, participation in clinical and anatomic conferences, meetings, commissions research deaths. The chair is a great help in practical physicians pathology departments of the city. This analysis and consultation difficult and biopsies and autopsies, conducting clinical and anatomical dissecting room and conferences, joint publications.

The department is actively working student scientific circle. The students each year participate in all rounds of the scientific research work of students, devoted to «Science Day».

From 18 to March 21, 2010 in Shymkent was held Scientific-practical conference «Medical science and youth in the XX century». From the Department took part in the young scientists, PhD, Senior Lecturer Serikbai M.K. , Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Bekisheva A.N., and 4th year students Zhalgasbay J., Zholymbetova M.2 courses, which have received letters of thanks and certificates.

For education faculty of the department in charge of 2nd year students of the faculty «General Medicine» of the Kazakh and Russian offices. Holds monthly curatorial watch in groups. The curators and students visited the museum of the «History of Medicine» University, viewed and discussed films: «SharmanovT.Sh.» dedicated to the 80th birthday of academician, «HistoryKazNMU them. S.D. Asfendiyarova «,» On time «film dedicated to the victims of repression.

According to internal regulations and the university work with the students of 2nd year, every teacher is involved with a curated group in socially useful work.

Held curatorial watch on the theme: «Exploring the message of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan NursultanNazarbayev «,» The program of forced industrialization of innovation «and»On State Youth Policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan «,» Respect for  the national language», «On the rules of the internal regulations of the school KazNMU «,»1 December — World AIDS Day «, was organized a meeting with Advisor to the Minister of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan NursultanOrshubekov on the theme «My position in life», «Progress in implementing the State Programme for the Fight against Corruption», «On the patriotism of young people.» On the cultural and entertainment program held: Seen Dramatic Theater  by name   Auezov,  Opera Theatre by name  Abaya, mountain skating rink «Meteo». Prepared by the students stand on the 65 th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War «BaurzhanMomyshuly.» In all groups, held a special meeting «On Combating Corruption».

The scientific potential of the professorial faculty of the department 55.5%.

For many years a professor in the department are working MD, Zh. Akhmetov, Ph.D., Associate ProfessorE.N.Shumkova and 2009 Ph.D., Professor A.D. Sapargalieva and others …

Zhaugashty Baynazarovich Akhmetov — Professor, MD, doctor of higher category, the author of the first textbook in the Kazakh language «Anatomy  pathological» For fruitful work in the writing of new textbooks that meets modern standards of education, was awarded a bronze medal AhmetBaitursynov «Sanlak author.» Continually advises young professionals, transferring their professional experience.

E. N. Shumkova assistant professor, Ph.D., doctor of higher category. She is a specialist in urological, gynecological, surgery, gastro- intestinal tractmorphology. For 17 years, is the head teacher of the department.She has published over 70 scientific papers.

Aigul Dyusekeshevna Sapargalieva — MD, professor, doctor of higher category. She has published over 75 scientific papers. Is mainly a freelance pathologist Almaty. Actively involved in urban and international conferences.