Department of Normal Physiology

The chair of normal physiology has been founded in 1932. Many years the academician of AN KazSSR Polosuhin A.P. was managed chair. He was the founder of school of the Kazakhstan physiologists. Last decades professor Satpaeva H.K. and the professor Sokolov А.Д. were managed chair.

The chair is the large center of science studying mechanisms neurohumoral regulation of blood circulation, breath, lymphocisculation, depositions of blood, the central regulation current lymph and venous blood circulation both at adult animals, and at growing organisms.

Last years the chair considers questions of studying of influence of conditions of space flight on a human body and participates in the republican program on antiageing.

Here are 2 doctors of medical sciences and 12 candidates on chair among employees.

Teachers of chair widely apply innovative methods of training. The chair is equipped by modern equipment. Employees of chair repeatedly occupied prize-winning places at competitions «Best teacher of university». On chair the new course of valueology – sciences about health of the healthy person is taught. Members of a scientific student’s scientific circle repeatedly were winners univercitees competitions of scientific works.

Throughout many years the chair is base of improvement of professional skill of teachers of physiology of our republic.

Employees of chair take active part in public life of university, city and Republic.