Department of Biochemistry

The first head of department was professor B. I. Ilyin-Kakuev- who was student of post-graduated of MGU.

The doctor of medical sciences, professor Verbolovich P. A. was lead to our department  since1960 to 1984 years.

Since 1984 and on the present over chair the honored worker of science РК, the academician of preventive medicine, the honors pupil of public health services of the USSR and RК, the state grant-aided student RК for outstanding the contribution to a science supervises, the doctor of medical sciences professor Pleshkova S.M.

Department of biochemistry are  teaching: chemistry for students of  1 course faculty of general  medicine, stomathology, general  helth care, medical –prophylactic faculty and biochemistry

for students of  2 course faculty of general  medicine, stomathology, general   helth care, medical –prophylactic faculty.

The state of department include 22 persons: the head of department-1, professor -1, seniors — 13, senior teachers- 3, teachers- 4. The department of biochemistry makes huge methodical  works: the last 10years was published: 29 educational works and 2practice works on kazak and russian  language. Scientific  — technical programs of  university  «The model of antiage for a long activity life for old age persons ». The biochemistry department works scientific students works on russian and kazak  department, every years  the  biochemistry  Olympiad is conducted. The teachers of    biochemistry take part in interactive mythology of education.