Clinical work

Clinical work and activity are carried out according to the Order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 238 of 07.04.2010 «Approval of model states and state standards for health care organizations», № 628 of 11.09.2013 «Approval of the clinical bases of medical institutions of education «MOH, Order number 330 of 23.04.2013″ Approval of the medical burden of the University»



Currently, the clinical bases of the department are neurological stroke departments of the  » State Hospital #7″, neurological departments #1 and #3 of the Republic Children Clinical Hospital «Aksai», budget and private neurological and neuro-rehabilitation departments of the «State Hospital #1», «Educational and clinical Center of the KazNMU them .S.Asfendiyarova,» City Hospital «Alatau». The chair has a contract with clinical sites at number 1 SDO, SDO number 7, our hospital «Aksai» GKB «Alatau», home of the medical advisory activities of employees of the department. Our professors, Associate professors carry rounds, clinical analysis of patients consultation.

In «State Hospital #1» supervised departments are neurology unit for 30-bed (budget), Department of Neurorehabilitation — 30-bed department of neurology (paid) — 15 beds.

In «State Hospital #7» — stroke unit number 1 — 55 beds; department of neurology (budget) — 30 beds.

In our hospital, «Aksay» — Department of Neurology number 1 — 40 beds, Department of Neurology number 3 — 45 beds.

In the GCE «Hospital Alatau» — Department of Neurology — 20 beds.

In «Educational and Clinical Center of the KazNMU named after S.Asfendiyarova» advises the Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Karimovf A.S.

Climlinical sites staff of the department conducts seminars and workshops for physicians to clinical sites.

In the 2012-2013 academic year the staff of the department consulted 1,650 patients, 1,208 patients were treated, were taken part in 72 clinical analysis, 4 master classes, 13 thematic conferences for practicing physicians.

Employee of the department during the year also were involved in charitable activities at clinical sites, as well as in the orphanage in Kaskelen. Viewed in total 94 patients through charitable activities.

There actively runs the education and practical training of the future specialists — 1 and 2 years residents in Neurology. Together with the practical physicians at clinical sites has been implementing innovative methods and technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Based on the results of implementations of clinical innovation were read 6 lessons for practitioners and residents neurologists.