Academical Mobility «Almaty — Barcelona»

We, the students of the faculty of General Medicine, Kazakh National Medical University named by S.D. Asfendiyarov in 2013 from November 18 to December 25, by the program «Academical Mobility» have went to » Graduate School of Management»  which is located in Barcelona , Spain.

We had interactive classes, where we try to stay more analytical and develop problem solving skills. We’ve developed not just educational skills in management, we’ve got the best experience in our life. We’ve learned different traditions and cultures as well as improved our English. We think that now we have more chances to build a successful professional career.


We would like to express our deep gratitude to our university, to rector of our university AA Aykanov, for such a wonderful program as » Academic Mobility » which gives to our students the grate opportunity to share knowledge and experience in a foreign country .

Also thank the Graduate School of Management , director of the school and the teaching staff for the wonderful skills for a knowledge of the data and for their hospitality. Thank you very much !


Students of the faculty of General Medicine