«Ана – өмір шуағы»

On the 9th of March, 2017 the teachers of the department of «Foreign Language and Professional Foreign Language» UnasbaevaZ.A., UltanbekovaG.A., Omarova A.A., held an optional lesson dedicated to the International Women’s Day on March 8 «Ана – өмір шуағы».

The purpose of the meetingis to acquaint students with the history of the holiday, with the well-known women of the world and Kazakhstan, to develop moral-cognitive interests. This meeting was attended by the head of the chair, associate professor Suleimenova O.Ya. anda head of the chair A.A. Sadykova. The students of the faculty «Pharmacy», groups14-003 (2)and 16-004(2)and «General medicine», group 16-004 (2) took partinthismeeting.

The optional lesson aroused a great interest among students and they noted the high organizational level and emphasized the need for such events to develop the creative potential and language competence of students.

Such meetings develop the corporate spirit among students and teachers,educate patriotism, preserving the traditions and values ​​of the university.