The 15th  anniversary of “Bolashak”  Association

General meeting of  Association  of the International Scholarship of the President of Kazakhstan «Bolashak»  dedicated to the 15th — anniversary of «Bolashak» Association passed on April 16, 2016  in  a  conference hall  «Gong» of  “ Soluxe Hotel Almaty”.

Meeting has taken place in the video conferencing mode  in   the cities —  Astana and Kokshetau. The Presidium  has been presented by the following members:

— K. Bishimbayev  — Chairman of the board of “Bolashak”  Association;

— M. Auyezov —  Honorary member of “Bolashak”  Association;

— E. Makash —  Executive Director of “Bolashak “ Association.

Aiman Sadvakas — member of Bolashak Association,  assistant of  department of laboratory diagnostics and molecular medicine who  in 2013 — 2014 passed scientific training at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging of  USA by specialty «Molecular genetics»   within Bolashak program  participated in anniversary meeting.