Using of the three languages ​​in the learning process of students KazNMU

       A knowledge of three languages – Kazakh, Russian and English is a necessity in today’s society. According to the educational system of KazNMU a practical classes in three languages should be 20% of the total number all practical classes. In order to implement this principle 5th year students 05 and 49 groups of faculty “General Medicine” did an independent work in three languages under the guidance of a teacher has been executed – professor, doctor of Medical Sciences Musaev A.T. at the Department of ambulance and emergency medical care in KazNMU. The  director of the department of emergency medical care, professor, doctor of Medical Sciences Turlanov K.M., MD, PhD, professor Ahmedova G.J., Ph.D. Associate professor Binazarov N.D., assistant chair Balkanay G.B., Kunduzbaeva M.M. took a part in a discussion.
Reported students are Aiteli Rauan, Tolegenova Gulzada, Omirgalieva Zhanneta, Daserbay Kyzzhybek, Amangeldy Sultanbek, Rahymbekova Madina, Alibekova Aknur, Beglar Dilshad, Kabdekenova Zhanargul, Kusmanova Gulbakhyt, Haji Magomedov, Munurova Arzigul.
A feature of this method is that each section of the main topics was presented in three languages by the same student of Kazakh and Russian groups, regardless of the level of knowledge of the English language that promotes to study it in the future.

      In the following three languages in the educational system of KazNMU will be supported in the process of student learning.