The university administration is creating favorable conditions for the professional growth of employees by providing resources and demonstrating commitment to quality education.

The development of self-reliance and creativity of young scientists — experts through training and research form the high scientific and practical potential . Modern society is committed to science innovations, high activity of educated people who are able to be creative and have positive approach. For the formation of new programs of international cooperation is necessary to specify the content of education, upgrade the facilities and improve cognitive and creative abilities of the young scientist. At the present stage in the rapid technological progress should strive for the integration of the educational process to the basis of international cooperation programs have been put interdisciplinary projects, which provide work on complex topics in the field of medicine.

Considering the international cooperation, we must be ready to change the strategy of the University in terms of relations with partners, providing the requirements for specialists.

On 13-17th of September, 2011 Professor Yury Moskalenko, academician of RANS, Head of the Laboratory of Comparative Physiology Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry named after Sechenov under contract held a training seminar on the general theme: «The role of functional and structural integrity of cerebral circulation systems, liquorodynamics and biomechanical properties of the skull in the mechanism of cerebrovascular insufficiency», also he held a master class on «Acute and chronic cerebrovascular accident, the pathophysiological basis for their development and the basic principles of influence on them.»

As a result, were introduced modern protocols of diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic disorders of cerebral circulation in the practical activities of departments of neurology in State Hospital#7 and State Hospital#1. As well were improved diagnosis of early stages of cerebral blood flow in patients.

As part of the «University Days»  on 2-4th of December, 2011 by the Head of the Department of Nervous Diseases and Neurosurgery of the Belarusian State Medical University Professor Fedulov were held a series of lectures as a training seminar on the theme: «Modern technologies of diagnosis of multiple sclerosis» and a master class on «Teleneurology and distance learning methods.»

Between KazNMU and BSMU were signed a contract considering collaboration and exchange of teachers and students in 2011-2013.




            Fedulov A.S.


In October 2013 were held lectures be visiting-professors:

  1. October 4, 2013 – guest lecture by Professor Gafurov B.G.: «The fight against brain edema and neuroprotection — double challenge in the treatment of stroke»
  1. October 4, 2013 — guest lecture by Professor Levine O.S.: «Current treatment approach to Parkinson’s disease»
  2. October 5, 2013 — Professor Levine O.S. delivered a lecture on «Current approaches to the treatment of vertebral radiculopathy»



Professor Gafurov B.G.


Professor Ponomorev V.V. 2013 (Republic of Belarus)




The lecture Professor Levin.