At the Department of Internal Medicine Propaedeutics regularly supervised groups of students together with teachers carried out charitable work based on the City Center Palliative Care (HOSPICE).
Student volunteers conduct procedures for the care of seriously ill patients, conduct thematic interviews to promote a healthy lifestyle.

01. 10. 2011 teachers Maykotovа, A. М.,  Madieva R.CH., Izhanovа A. K, S.K.  Adilshina, Zhankin A. A, A. K.  Nurkerimovа together with students of two flow RUP-1 (10 – 15 groups) of the Kazakh Branch of the charity event was held to mark the International Day for the Elderly. Patients were given fruit, homemade pastries and sweets. Patients were shocked and deeply moved by the warm attitude of Department teachers, students and clinical staff.