Educational activity and Methodological work

The department of communication skills is the scientific and methodical centre in the field of improvement communicative competence of medical workers.
With the aim of making the educational process better and optimal examination materials, course outlines, methodological guidance for students with didactical material provided are discussed and revised at the department meetings every year. Every employee of the department has personal responsibility for the development and updating of educational-methodological documents dealing with certain disciplines and faculties.
In order to prove high quality of conducting classes and to optimize the educational process professors and teachers actively participate in different seminars and conferences organized by the Department. They also take courses in pedagogy, psychology and communication skills to improve the qualification. The principle of using 3 languages in educational process is actively being introduced at the department.
Almost all the teachers can conduct classes in both Kazakh and Russian and also mastering teaching in English.
The Department has got the study rooms, which are equipped with computers, projectors, multi-media interactive boards.
Educational and methodological publications:
1. The textbook in Russian and Kazakh: “Communication Skills”/d.m.s., prof. Asimov M. A., d.m.s., prof. Nurmagambetova S. A., d.m.s., Ignatyev Yu. V., , Almaty, 2009 – 143 p.
2. Handbook: “The standardized patient in the system of medical education” / Doshchanov D. H., Almaty, Evero, 2015, ISBN 9965-9086-7-2
3. Handbook: “Breaking bad news”/ Asimov M. A. Doshchanov D. H., Almaty: S. D. Asfendiyarov KazNMU, Evero – 2014, ISBN 978-601-246-402-3.
4. Handbook: «Интеграция негізінде оқытуды ұйымдастыру (орта және жоғары мектеп тәжірибесінде». G.P. Аbsatarova, М.А.Оralberkova, А.К.Аhmetova, К.О Kozhamaharova, А.И. Umirbekova, М.К. Ibraeva – 132 p. Аlmaty, 2015
5. “The Model of medical education at S. D. Asfendiyarov KazNMU. Communicative skills of the graduate” / Asimov M. A., Akanov A. A., Mirzabekova O. M., Tulebayev K., Abirova M. A., Isina Z. B. Almaty, 2011 – 128 p.
6. “Monitoring the formation of communicative competence in medical universities” / edited by M. A. Asimov, Almaty: S. D. Asfendiyarov КazNMU, 2012 – 96 p.
7. Textbook “Work with the people who run the highest risk. Integration care for TB, VHC, HIV –infected people” Almaty, 2013.
Teaching authorial video (rus.) – 18: Types of relationship and interaction between phisician and patient during medical interview.