International cooperation

Under the program “visiting professor” 4 professors from UK, Lithuania, the USA, Germany have visited the department. In 2012, December, 2-4 – International scientific-practical conference “Internationalization in medical education development” was held. It was devoted for University Days and given the name of Juliet Draper (UK, Cambridge) to The Center of Communication skills.

From that moment, the fruitful collaboration of the Department of Communicative Skills and the Center for Communicative Skills began with the School of Medicine of the University of Cambridge, and in particular with the professor of medicine Juliet Draper, certified trainer of simulated patients at the School of Medicine Cambridge, professional actress Beverly Purkiss-Dean and Dr. Catherine Miles. Thanks to this fruitful collaboration, simulated patients (trained professional actors) were first used in our university to train the skills of clinical interviews for future doctors, both during classes and when assessing clinical interviewing skills during exams. An invaluable contribution to this was made by the staff of the Center for Communicative Skills, who developed approaches to improve the training of medical specialists, introduced modern training approaches, along with leading medical schools in the world.

Another important area was developed in collaboration with the professor at the University of South Carolina Hanklovsky Walter. Owing to the collaboration, a blender learning platform was developed where students could learn basic communication skills offline and online with additional teacher support.