International cooperation

Department participated in the framework of Erasmus+ project. Professor Sokolov A. D., head of the department SH. O. Respekova and senior teacher D. D. Zhunictaev were given a project that is «Teaching of normal physiology in the context of the introduction of innovative programs at the international medical faculty and the faculty of general medicine in KazNMU» at the materials of international scientific-practical conference «MODEHED – MODERNIZING HEALTH EDUCATION IN UNIVERSITIES».

Works done within the “Mode Hed” project.

The group developers of KazNMU Professor Sokolov A. D., head of department Ryspekova Sh. O. senior lecturer Zhunistayev D. D. from Department of Normal Physiology developed a modernized course on “Fundamentals of Physiology” under the “Mode Hed” project, this course is written based on the state educational standard of 2017 on the basis of the Bachelor’s degree in “General Medicine”.

This modernized training course is a teaching methodology of the most effective information in teaching the technology, interacting with students in the educational process. In addition, the content of the educational program is fully revised and supplemented with new clinically information in the field of physiology, and the teaching of “Human Physiology” is adapted to two stages.

The first stage is “Fundamentals of Physiology”, second stage is “Morphology and physiology of the organism”.

The following works were carried out on the course:

– Methodical complex on the basics of physiology was developed.

– Complete content of the developed course, including multimedia complex, as well as educational and methodical materials were uploaded to website.

– The website enrollment for students is also available for, as well as course manual was written.

The course has been tested in KazNMU between 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 on the first year “General Medicine” students.