The organization of educational process and teaching work

Department of Work is based on the strategic plan KazNMU, in accordance with a comprehensive plan that make up the department for all activities.

The educational process is carried out on schedule, and the CLP presented PD KazNMU. Schedule for the discipline has for the past three years. The timetable is composed of studies, approved by the director DEMW. Compiled and posted on the stands timetable, schedule employees, calendar-thematic plan of lectures, workshops, and IWST, IWS.

The content of the standard and work plans, typical and working curricula of specialties, methodical support of the educational process, the maximum amount of student workload comply with the requirements of state educational standards and modern requirements of training;

For lectures, practical training and IWST Department has in its equipment: during the practical training uses multiple interactive teaching methods, developed bacterial drugs, microscopes, culture media, etc., to develop students’ practical skills and their evaluation are movies and videos , presentations, multimedia lectures, animation. The operational readiness computer class, equipped with 5 computers, 10 computers with educational software (electronic textbooks and multimedia presentations on topics of general and special microbiology, training tests) in the classroom, one interactive whiteboard, there is access to the Internet.

There are textbooks, and educational – methodical manuals published by the teachers of the department for the last three years, including in the national language, a mini library head of the department. On the missing number of textbooks in Kazakh language the application is filed annually. Any help from the library on the security of students educational literature on the subject. 2nd year student of the Kazakh branch of all specialties are the basic textbook edited by Prof. B.A. Ramazanova and K.Kudaybergenova “Medical Microbiology”, approved in 2010 RSCT MES RK and the Ministry of Health issued in 2011 by the Association of Universities.

Among the types of cases it has all the necessary documentation. Folders feature QMS requirements. There are guidelines, developments in each topic of lectures, workshops, and IWST, IWS in all languages of instruction;

The department employs qualified teachers who give lectures and practical classes, with students IWST 2 courses of all faculties in the field, is trained about 1,000 students in 7 specialties. For all these special classes are conducted in three languages (Kazakh, Russian, English).

In all specialties there EMCD criteria and rules for assessing the monitoring, intermediate (hope, a landmark) control and final control. Evaluated competencies: knowledge, skills, communication skills, legal competence and self-improvement. The department as well as throughout the University to assess the knowledge used mark – rating system. Assessment of competence “self-development” will be held during the academic period through the implementation of the IWS and the formation of the student portfolio.

Individual work plans for teachers are available. They reflect all kinds of work: training, teaching, research, educational and organizational. All individual plans are completed and signed by the head department.

Magazines are filled with training sessions according to the rules of filling academic journal signed by the teachers, the head teacher and the head department. Faculty meetings are held according to approved at the beginning of the school year plans. Chair of the minutes of meetings are available. Each year, the Department of the annual report on all the activities, which shall be the dean of the faculty “General Medicine”.