Educational work


  • Tutor work with the group.

Histology Teachers of the department regularly perform tutor work with the students of the Kazakh and Russian department of faculty “General Medicine” in

2016-2017 academic years in the staff of the department consists of 7 tutors:

Esimova G.K.-15-015-1-2

Alseitova F.Zh.-15-016-1-2

Omarova R.S.- 15-017-1-2

Zhanbyrbaeva A.K.-15-018-1-2

Abzhaparova A.T.-15-019-1-2

Tagirova R.T.-015-020-1-2

Tusupova N.M.-015-021-01-2.

  • Progress and attending classes.

With help electronic journal controlled performance and visiting students.

By mentoring groups tested performance and a visit to the students every month and are reported to the dean. For each subject, controlled performance and maintained a close relationship with the teachers.

In the absence of the classroom, and the remaining students on summer training called up and sent a letter to notify the parents of students.

During the year the Group did not have  misconduct.

  • Patriotic education.

At the beginning of the school year in groups of students  KazNMU name S.Zh.Asfendiyarova discussed the code of honor.

I interviewed about the Department of Histology and  familiarize students with plans to raise in the themes listed below were carried out educational work:

– The internal order of the educational process and behavior KazNMU;

– Code of Honor students KazNMU name S.Zh.Asfendiyarova;

– Development of the students’ future relevant medical qualities;

– Rules of behavior of students in public places;

– Work scientific literature (electronic textbooks, internet);

– Spelling lectures;

  • Event held in the 2013-2014 academic year:

2013 October 5, held in honor of teachers gala evening. This significant day was attended by Dean of the Faculty of GM R.T.Dzhumashyeva, representatives of the dean’s office, the staff of the department of histology, as well as students 2 and 3 courses GM.

2013 October 26, was held a round table on the theme “Religious extremism and terrorism.”

From October 19 th in a month, students of the Faculty of GM 3 course conducted campaign against smoking and harmful habits in connection with the day of “World No Tobacco”. Students prepared posters and bulletins about the dangers of active and passive smoking to human health.

Students went out with banners near the hostel KazNMU and near urban transport stations. Publicize the dangers of cigarettes. Students came out with placards and handed out bulletins to people.

23.11.13 at the Department held a conference on the theme “Youth against AIDS and drug addiction.” 12.07.2013, students curatorial groups held a round table on “1 December – the day the first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan” 12.07.2013 Mr.

21.12.13 held a conference “Kazakhstan Independence Day.”

01/25/2014 “The Road to Gender Equality” curatorial hour.

With the students of the Faculty of GM 3 course held tyutorskie hours devoted to the analysis of the message of the President of Kazakhstan “Kazakhstan’s Way – 2050”: Common goal, common interests, common future!

The hostel №6 15.03.2014.

Students participated in group presentations of research work of the department and the university.

Students tutor groups for its programs and scripts organized a New Year’s Eve.

2014 3rd year students of the Faculty of GM №4 in the audience had a concert program “The Eighth Wonder of the World” 6 March.

22.03.14 GM year students of the Faculty organized the holiday “Nauryz” and celebrated.

4/19/14 by spending the evening in honor of the RK State symbols.

The department curatorial groups regularly held ideological work, education on historical and patriotic education, maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Students actively participated in tutor works.

  • Events that took place in the 2014-2015 academic year:

November 19 №3 audience conference about the dangers of smoking was carried out among students. At the conference on the dangers of smoking to human body with histological aspects in his report explained Professor R.I.Yui.

From October 20 th to November 18, the Department of histology to the “International Day of quitting,” in conjunction with GM Faculty students performed monthly action against bad habits and smoking. Students prepared posters and bulletins about the harm of active and passive smoking for the human body. Students with posters came to the territory of dorms KazNMU and city transport stops. Students in public places conducted interviews about the dangers of smoking.

held a conference on the topic in the Department of November 5, 2015 in the auditorium at 13:00 №3 at the university level in a planned way “Cigarettes – poison for the body and soul.” The conference was attended by staff of the Department of Histology, 2nd year students and students 3rd course GM 13-037-01,02 groups.

  • Event held in the 2015-2016 academic year:

Students are familiarized with the law “On Combating Corruption” RK University and University policies and programs against corruption, and urged them to perform flawlessly.

With the steering group of students held a roundtable discussion on “no corruption”. On this subject, the students prepared presentations, reports and shared his thoughts on corruption.

The event KazNMU S.Zh.Asfendiyarova name in order to prevent religious extremism and terrorism were involved GM faculty students and teachers of the department.

The museum KazNMU groups with tutors, students watched a movie about the history of the University, and were familiarized with the relics.

Open lesson on the theme “My President” was conducted among groups of students of the Faculty of GM.

The activities carried out in the days of the University participated actively guiding a group of students and staff of the department.

April 15, 2014 12 hours a hostel number 6 KazNMU tutors histology department was organized with the help of 3-course group 10-021-01,02, 10-022-01,02 held curatorial hours.

Tutor hour is devoted to the analysis of the message of the President of Kazakhstan Kazakhstani people on the theme “Kazakhstan’s way – 2050” common goal, common interests, common future.

Students prepared presentations on the basis of the message discussed current topics Education, social status and health. In order publicity healthy lifestyles and the fight against AIDS were sent on mission organized educational work. Staff of the department is fully present.

In honor of the holiday of the Republic of Kazakhstan “the basis of independence,” a solemn event was held. Solemn meropryatiyu M.Zh.Ergazina head of the department, as well as head of MS on study Kalinin, as well as all the tutors and the students involved. University site was secured testimony that day, videos and photos.

The staff of the department Department of Histology and tyutorskie group held aggetatsiya and analysis of the message N.A. Nazarbayev “Strategy of development of Kazakhstan – 2050”.

Tissue department under the supervision of the responsible tutors as well as students with OM was an exchange of views on the theme “Fight against Corruption”.

The entire staff is fully present. At the conclusion of this event, head of the department M.Zh. Yergazina spoke the words, she said that there is no corruption department tracks and is not permitted if such case is detected, urgently report to the administration and the staff will take all possible measures.

The teachers on duty number 2 hostel GM faculty, talked with students and reviewed states.

  • Event held in the 2015-2016 academic year:

The plan for the educational work of the Department of Histology for the 2016-2017 school year was created in accordance with the social and educational work of the Faculty of General Medicine. Educating work is based on the fact that tutors, should start with explaining to students their rights and responsibilities.

On September 1, the teachers of the Department of Histology together with the students of groups No 15-21 of the 2nd course of the Faculty of General Medicine held a meeting devoted to the Day of Knowledge.

In October, the tutors of the department together with the students released and attached to the walls of the Rector a wall. A newspaper dedicated to Teacher’s Day.

On November 29, a roundtable dedicated to the Day of the First President of the RK NA was organized and held. Nazarbayev (on the website of KazNMU were posted: an announcement about the event, invitations and a report on the round table, and invitations were also given out to the dean’s offices, departments and university management).

The Department of Histology with students of tutoring groups organized and conducted a literary and patriotic evening “Kyzғysh құс”, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The evening was held on November 24, 2017 at 11.00 in the lecture hall at ul. Kazybek bi angle st. Maulenova (the former Indian embassy).

Tutors took an active part in the session of students of tutoring groups and conducted a survey “Clean Session”.

Events dedicated to International Women’s Day “Asyl ana”, 11-00h, 7.03.2017, Maulenova 71. Chair of Histology Students of the Faculty of OM 2-course group № 15-16-19-01-02. PPP of the Department of Histology st. prep. Esimova GK, Alseitova FD, Abzhapparova AT

With the aim of explaining the culture of the native people to the literary and memorial museums of the city of Almaty, the museum was visited by D.A. Kunaev 06.03.2017 (attached “reference on the posts” of the museum of stentants of the second year OM) Almaty M. Tulebaeva PPP of the Department of Histology st.prep. Esimova GK, Tusupova NM, teachers Alseitova FD, Abzhapparova AT, Tagirova RT, Omarova RS, Zhanbirbaeva AK

Spring activities dedicated to Nauryz Katty bolsyn 18.04.2017, 12-00, Maulenova 71. Joint event at the faculty level with the department “Propedeutics of Internal Diseases”. PPS of the Department of Histology and PPS of the Department of Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases.

  • Education of tolerance (patience).

With students tutor Department of Histology groups participated in the singing contest in a foreign language called «Students planet» and won the 2nd place (2014. 14-31 of March)

  • Education of Humanism.

The department with the students of the department GM of tutor groups with the aim of Powes legal knowledge on topics listed below:

– On Public Health and Health Care System Code of the RK;

– Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on public healthcare;

– To develop the industry of Health of the RK;

– The state program “Healthy Kazakhstan”;

– About Kazakhstan Law № 340 2002 July 10 on the prevention of smoking and its limitations

conducted seminars.

  • Education of high culture

The academic drama theater named after Auezov students of department GM and senior tutors went to the show at the end of photo.

By the actions on March 8 organized an evening entitled “8 Wonders of the World.” Staff of the department is fully engaged.

At the Subdepartment of Histology held an event called “Az Nauryz”. It took the entire staff of the department participated.

Students attended the performances in the Kazakh State Academic Theater for Children  named G.Musrepov and Kazakh state academic drama theater named after M. Auezov.

  • Education leadership qualities

Students of tutors groups the department of GM are actively involved in public works organized at the University level.

Conduct interviews with students tutor groups on preparation for the exams of summer session.

Disciplinary work is carried out not only with students of tutor groups, but also among all student groups during workshops and lectures.

At the Department of Histology listened to reports on the disciplinary tutors work.

While the Department of Histology of Teachers reports on disciplinary work among the students of the Faculty the 2 course of GM there were no cases of criminal disciplinary violation, disagreement between the other students and teachers and questions about corruption.

2014. Teacher’s Day

“Healthy” event held in the dormitory of the No. 2 KazNMU

“Religious extremism and terrorism” round table

Lecturer, Department of Histology Zhanbyrbayeva A.K. tutors team performance of the students of the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after M.Auezov

“My Kazakhstan” during the tutors hours