Department of Pharmacology

Department of Pharmacology

The department staff

In  2016 -2017 the department staff includes 21,5 full-time equivalents, among them:

1 – head of the department (c.m.s., docent),

1 professor (d.m.s.),

6docents (5 — c.m.s., 1 – d.m.s.),

6 senior instructors (3 c.m.s.),

7,5 full-timeequivalents – instructors.

2 doctors of science, 8 candidates of medical science, 3 employeesafter completing master’s degree work at the department. Auxiliary staff includes 4 people.


History of the department

The department of pharmacology organized in 1932 is one the leading fundamental departments of the university. The first head of the department was professor M.I. Klemparskiy.

In1960-1985 the head of the department was professor G.I. Samarina


Under her leadership scientific research work was done in partnership with Institute of chemical sciences. As a result of conducted research local anesthetics almacain and rihlokain were introduced into medical practice.

From 1985 till 1989 the head of the department was docent R.K. Utepbergenova.


Activities of the department employees were guided towards improvement of methodical work and perfection of course content, organization of lectures, laboratory lessons, independent work of students and starting teaching in Kazakh language.

In 1989-2015 the department was headed by professor G.M.Pichkhadze.


During this period optimal work conditions and creative environment were introduced in the department, discipline, independence, responsibility and mutual understanding between every member of collective improved, first of all significant success was achieved in educational-methodical and scientific work, which is evidenced by results of state attestation results presenting the department almost without any criticisms during 20 years.Under leadership of G.M. Pichkhadze the first standard program of pharmacology for students of medical institutions of higher education and pharmaceutical faculties in RK was prepared and approved. Professor G.M. Pichkhadze is author/coauthor of standard programs of pharmacology for medical institutions of higher education in RK for almost all specialties.

At present time the department of pharmacology is headed by Satbayeva E.M.


Delivers the course of lectures in pharmacology in state language for students of all faculties, gives practical lessons in two languages at all levels of preparation: bachelor, master and PhD.

Satbayeva E.M. is a coauthor  of standard program of pharmacology for the second year students of Medical- prophylactic specialty, for the third year  students of pharmaceutical faculty,  coauthor of work programs and teaching materials for almost all faculties. She is the expert of Republican Center for healthcare development in elaboration of clinical protocols, expert of test tasks in pharmacology (Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan). Approximately 100 scientific works were published by her, including journals with high impact-factor.  She is initiator of introducing new innovative methods of teaching students at the department.

During half of the century  veterans — docent Arakelova V.V. and docent Karimova R.F. worked at the department, Karimova R.F. still keeps in touch with the department and provides advice to employees, shares her knowledge and rich experience with young instructors.

Teaching work

Pharmacology is taught at all levels for the following specialties:


  • General medicine (2nd year – «Pharmacology 1», 3rd year – «Фармакология 2»)
  • Stomatology (3rdd year — «Pharmacology»)
  • Nursing (2nd year – «Basic pharmacology»)
  • Medical- prophylactic specialty (2 курс – «Pharmacology»)
  • Public health (3rd year – elective course «Pharmacology»)

Students of the following specialties: «Nursing», «Medical-prophylactic specialty» and «Public health» study by credit technology. Since 2007instruction is realized in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.


-Medicine («Preclinical and clinical research of new drugs», «Side effects and interaction of drugs», «Formulary system», «Basics of pharmacogenetics»)

— Pharmacy («Contemporary aspects of pharmacology»)

— Technology of pharmaceutical manufacturing («Contemporary aspects of pharmacology», «Preclinical research of new drugs»)


— Medicine («Pharmacological aspects of drugs use»)

— Pharmacy («Pharmacology and its pharmacotherapeutic aspects», «Contemporary aspects of pharmacovigilance»)

Methodical work

The following was prepared by the department employees:

  • Teaching materials for students;
  • Illustrativematerial;
  • E-books with several themes, some of them in Kazakh and English languages;
  • Knowledge assessment material: test tasks by method of Avanesov V.S. and MCQfor formative and summative assessment.
  • Under general editorship of G.M.Pichkhadze translation of book “Pharmacology” by D.A.Kharkevichinto Kazakh language was performed.

  • «Manual for practical lessons of pharmacology: problem book» and «Study guide  — Textbookfor medical community colleges» in Kazakh and Russian languages were published.
  • Innovative methods of teaching were introduced:
  • Delivering of problem lectures;
  • Practical lessons in form of business games, discussion, using TBL and CBL methods, interactive blackboard;
  • Multimedia programs were created;
  • Divided texts with test tasks in two languages (Russian and English);
  • All study rooms are equipped with contemporary stands;
  • Computerclassis functioning.
  • The department employees published significant amount of methodical books, study guides, recommendations for students and doctors in Kazakh, Russian, English languages;


  • Own and borrowed offerings were introduced into study process and in healthcare practice.
  • Professors and instructors of the department on a continuing basis increase their qualifications during trainings, seminars, cycles and study courses of different levels, where they learn not only contemporary methods of teaching but also pay attention to gaining new knowledge.

Scientific work of the department

The department has rich scientific traditions which were established by founders of the department.

The department of pharmacology conducts active scientific-research work in the following directions:

  • Search for new highly effective and less toxic membrane stabilizing agents among newly synthesized compounds.
  • Study of pharmacological activity and safety of new dosage forms from domestic plant raw material
  • Issues of rational use of drugs in ambulatory and clinical practice in Republic of Kazakhstan:

1)      Clinical-pharmacological and pharmacoeconomical assessment of drugs use in patients with age related diseases

2)      Pharmacoepidemiology, polypragmasy problems

  • Problems of pharmacotherapy of neurodegenerative diseases
  • Research of interrelation of osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis in population of RK.

Main direction of the department work is the study of local anesthetic properties of new compounds. In 2004 professor G.M.Pichkhadze was awarded State Prize of RK in the field of science, technics and education for creation of new low toxic highly active anesthetic and antiarrhythmic «Kazkain». Patent for its creation was recognized as a winner of Republican competition in “Invention of the year” nomination.

«GIBEX Fellow» honorary title of  Global Institute for  BioExploration was awarded to professor G.M.Pichkhadze.

In recent years the department employees defended 4 candidate and 1 master dissertations on the main theme, received more than 20 patents and prepatents and also 7 innovative patents.

The department employees actively participate in execution of scientific research work after receiving research grants of  Ministry of education and science and Ministry of Healthcare of RK, so in recent years the following projects were successfully realized:

  1. «Researchofcomplex creation of cyclodextrin with benzoin ether using method of NMR spectroscopy » (in partnership with RSCC Kokshetau State University) grant of Ministry of education and science of RK
  2. «Monitoringof efficiency and effectivenessof state initiatives to combat tuberculosis». «SOROS»foundation (in partnership with «Aman-saulyk»public fund–SOROS –Kazakhstan foundation)

3.«Creation of phytopreparations on the basis of carbon dioxide extracts received in supercritical conditions». KazNMU.

4.«Monitoringandassessmentoftransparencyof the process of public procurement of drugs within the limits of  budget expenditures of healthcare system of RK ». «SOROS» foundation (inpartnershipwith «Aman-saulyk» publicfund)

  1. «Improvementoftransparencyofthesystemofguaranteeddrugsupplyand access to drugs for citizens of RK». «SOROS» foundation (inpartnershipwith «Aman-saulyk» publicfund)
  2. «Receiving new bacterial strains which are prospective for creation of drugs with aim of prevention and treatment of dermatomicosis». MinistryofeducationandscienceofRK.
  3. «Developmentofnewdrugsonthebasisofperspectivedomesticplants, usedinethnoscience, studyoftheirbiologicalandpharmacologicalproperties» (ASC «Central laboratory of biocontrol, certification and preclinical trials»,RSC «CBR» SC MES RK)
  4. «Experimental- clinical rationale of using cell technology and tissue engineering in maxillofacial surgery» (KazNMU)
  5. «Developmentofanti-agingmodel (program) in ensuring active longevity of elderly people in Kazakhstan».
  6. «Development of nanocapsulated form of effective antifungal drugs with controlled release and prolonged action». JSC «National agency for technological development.

11.«Development of innovative technologies and new methods of analytical control of pesticides in agricultural productionand food for ensuring food security». Inpartnershipwith ”Nutritionacademy” LLC

12.«Scientific-methodological rationale of translational medicine formation and development». Manager: KarakushikovaA.S.

13.«Development of nanocapsulated form of effective antifungal drugs with controlled release  and prolonged action». JSC «National agency for technological development.Deadlines.

  1. «Search for new highly active and low toxic local anesthetics among newly synthesized piperidine derivatives». Project manager – professor G.M.PichkhadzeFinancing source– KazNMU.
  2. «Parkinsonism – clinical-epidemiological and immunological research with the further aim of development of effective pharmacotherapeutic agents». KazNMU.
  3. OMICSresearchofrheumatoidarthritis and its relation to osteoporosis in Kazakh population. MESRK.

Master and bachel or students of KazNMU also take partinimplementation of scientific-research projects.

Scientific research results regularly published indifferent scientific publications,  including peer-reviewed journals with high impact-factor, new inventions annually presented in form of innovative patents of RK and patents of RK.

Department of pharmacology repeatedly organized different scientific-practical conferences, seminars.

Aspart of the 80 th Anniversary celebration of KazNMU the department organized two scientific-practical conferences in 2011:

1)«Antibioticresistance- development, prevention»

2)«The creation of new local anesthetics, achievement and perspectives»

Besides the following events were organized:

  • International scientific-practical conference dedicated to 80th Anniversary of the department of pharmacology «Innovations in pharmacology — achievement and perspectives» (04.12.2012) with participation of visiting professors: prof. D.Sychev, the department of clinical pharmacology of Medical academy named after I.M. Sechenov, Moscow, RF; prof., PhDE.Stankyavichyus, SRI of physiology and pharmacology of Lithuania University of health science, Kaunas, Lithuania; docent Е.Grintsov,  National pharmaceutical university, Kharkiv, Ukraine; prof. U.Tilekeeva,  Kyrgyz State medical academy named after I.K. Ahunbaev, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic.
  • International scientific-practical conference«Drug supply – state and prospects». Almaty, May 12, 2011 (inpartnershipwith «Aman-saulyk» publicfund)
  • Seminar«QualityofRKcitizensdrugsupplythroughpublicmonitoring». Almaty, September 2010 (inpartnershipwith «Aman-saulyk» publicfund)
  • Seminar«Organizationofrationalpharmacotherapy: realities and prospects», Almaty, January 2012 (inpartnershipwith «Aman-saulyk» publicfund)
  • Public hearings «Monitoring of efficiency and effectiveness of state initiatives to combat tuberculosis ». Almaty, april 2012 (inpartnershipwith «Aman-saulyk» publicfund)
  • «InternationalschoolofParkinsondisease, movement and behavioral disorders », Almaty, 2014.
  • «PerspectiveofKazakhstanNationalDrugFormularybasicsintroductioninto educational process in preparation of doctors and pharmacists in medical institutions» round table, Almaty, December 2, 2015
  • International scientific-practical conference»Clinicalpharmacy: international experience and development features in healthcare of RK», Almaty, December 4 2015
  • «DrugplantsofRKin ethnoscience and scientific medicine», II Republican scientific-practical conference, dedicated to 65th Anniversary of pharmacy institute, April 8, 2016
  • Section «Conference of medicine and biomedicine department, MES RK», April 21, 2016
  • III International scientific-practical conferenceof students and young scientists «Science and medicine: Contemporary vision of youth», dedicated to 25th Anniversary of Independence of RK, Almaty, April 21, 2016, pharmacy and pharmacology section

The department employees annually participate with reports at republican and international scientific conferences.

Among them:

  • XIIIInternationalcongress«Justice, quality, economy». Moscow, December, 2010.
  • IIRussianconferenceonrarediseases«The road of life». St. Petersburg, April, 2011
  • IVRussiapharmacologistscongress«Innovations in contemporary pharmacology»Kazan, September, 2012.
  • HTAI 8th Annual Meeting, Rio de Janeiro, June,
  • International conference«DrughypersensitiyMeeting». Berlin, April, 2012.
  • ISPOR 16th Annual European Congress, Dublin, Ireland, November,
  • ISPOR 18th Annual International Meeting, New Orleans, USA. May,
  • I Meeting of the Baltic physiological societies. Kaunas, Lithuania, 10-11 may, 2013.
  • Nationalcongress«Clinical pharmacy: 20 years in Ukraine». Kharkiv, 2013
  • IIPharmaceuticalforumof RK. Almaty, May,
  • International scientific-practical conference«Medical –social aspects of active longevity». Almaty, 2012.
  • Thefirstinternationalforum«Active longevity». Almaty, June
  • 4TH World congress of regional anaesthesia pain therapy, Сape Town. 25-Nov-2014.
  • International scientific conference«Education and science without borders», Przemysl (Poland). December 7-15, 2014.
  • IX Nationalcongressoftherapists, Moscow, November 12-14, 2014.
  • «Perspective of Kazakhstan National Drug Formulary basics  introduction into educational process in preparation of doctors and pharmacists in medical institutions» round table, Almaty, December 2, 2015
  • International Scientific and Practical Conference «WORLD SCIENCE», Dubai, UAE, October 20-21, 2015
  • Seminar «Microbiological aspects of antibiotics rational use problem solution», Almaty, November 20, 2015
  • ІІІInternationalScientificandPracticalConference«Integration of pharmaceutical science, education and practice at contemporary stage» December 4, 2014
  • InternationalScientificandPracticalConference, dedicated to 85th Anniversary of KazNMU, Аlmaty, December 4, 2015

International cooperation


The department develops international cooperation, invites visiting professors for presentation of  tutorials and participation in international conferences in KazNMU.

Professor G.M.Pichkhadzevisitedmedical educational institutions abroad with lectures and training seminars on actual issues of pharmacology.

IndifferentyearsleadingworldclassspecialistslikeprofessorMikhailevskiiA., PinkhasovA., E.Stankyavichyusetc. deliveredlecturesandseminars.

In 2014 thedepartmentwasvisitedbyprofessorYeoK. From University College London (UK) with tutorial «Molecular mechanisms of memory and use of contemporary pharmacological agents for cerebellum cognitive function modeling», professor Kalinkovich A. from Weizmann Institute of science (Israel) with program «Stem cells in contemporary medicine and pharmacology», also professor Lifshits G. from Tel-Aviv University (Israel)with program «Population genetics».

Alsoin2014professorYeoK. participatedinorganizationofroundtable “International school of Parkinsondisease, movement and behavioral disorders”, which was in KazNMU.

A sa result of active collaboration with foreign research ersseveral scientific projects were prepared, inparticular project “OMICS researc hofrheumatoidar thritis and its relation to osteoporosis in Kazakh population” received funding from MESof RK in 2015.Besidesseveralpublicationswerepublishedinjournals with high impact-factor.


Student scientific society of KazNMU

Atthedepartmentstudent scientific society works in two languages. Studentsactivelyparticipatein scientific –research work of the department of pharmacology.

Every year studentswin prizes at scientific conferences of all levels, including international level.

Inrecentyearsmembersofthescientificsocietyparticipatedinthefollowingscientific conferencesin KazNMU:

  • Scientific-practicalconferenceof young scientists and students «The way to pharmaceutical science –first steps» March 28, 2013,  Beknazarova K., Zhumabekova K., Usipova N., Pirmatova N. were awardedwithDiplomaofthe second degree.
  • Scientificconferenceof young scientists and students«Student science — 2013» Beknazarova k., Vansivina M. were awardedwithDiplomaofthe second degree.
  • Scientific-practical conferenceof young scientists and students «The way to pharmaceutical science – first steps » March,  2013,  Diplomas of the second and third degrees.
  • II InternationalScientific-practical conference for students and young scientists «Science and medicine: Contemporary vision of youth », dedicated to 85th Anniversary of KazNMU, Almaty, April 2015, Diplomaofthe second degree.
  • II RepublicanScientific-practical conference»Drug plants of Kazakhstan». Almaty, April 8, Diplomaofthe third degree.

Many students participatedin international and republican scientific conferences:

  • ThefirstRussianScientific-practicalconferencefor young scientists «Problems odf developing new drugs», June3-5, 2013 – Moscow, Russia.
  • 67thScientific-practicalconferenceof students and young scientists with international participation «Actual problems of contemporary medicine -2013», April 17-19 2013-Minsk, Belarus. Diplomaofthe 1st degree.
  • XXInternationalScientific-practicalconference«Actualproblemsofdevelopingnewdrugs» April 25-26, 2013г, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Diplomaofthe second degree
  • 4thInternationalScientific-practicalconferenceofSmallAcademyofsciencesof RK “Youth in medical science, tendencies and prospects» Diplomaofthe 1st degree. Almaty,
  • Republicancompetitionofstudentscientificworks – Astana, Diplomaofthe second degree.
  • 67thScientific-practicalconferenceof students and young scientists with international participation «Actual problems of contemporary medicine -2013», April 17-19 2013-Minsk, Belarus. Diplomaofthe 1st degree.
  • ThefirstRussianscientific –practicalcconferenceofyoungscientistsMoscow, 2013, Diplomaofthe 1st degree.
  • IVRussianscientificconferenceofstudents«Young pharmacy – future potential» (St.Petersburg, 2014) — Diplomaofthe 3rd degree.
  • ХInternational (ХIХRussian) PirogovScientific-practicalconference, March 19, 2015. Moscow, RF.
  • 72ndfinalScientific-practicalconferenceFarEasternStatemedicalUniversityKhabarocsk, April 20-24, 2015) Diplomaofthe 3rd degree.
  • Scientific-practicalconference«Actual problems of neurology», dedicated to 85th Anniversary of KazNMU named after S.D.Asfendiyarov, 80th anniversary of professorKaishibaev S.K. Diplomaofthe 2nd degree. May 28 – 29 мая 2015,Almaty
  • International Scientific and Practical Conference «WORLD SCIENCE». Dubai, UAE, October 20
  • ШInternational Farabi readings. April 11-14, 2016. Diplomaofthe 1st degree.

Annually results of scientific research of students are published in different scientific publications.

In 2012-2013 scientific society of the pharmacology department was recognized as the best a mongall scientific societiesin KazNMU.

Educational work

Great attention is paid to educational work at the department. Instructors of the department have been tutors of students of pharmaceutical faculty for many years, this year they supervise students of the 1st and 2nd years of the “General medicine” faculty. Сuratorial hours where issues of student achievements, patriotic and spiritual education of youth, prevention of terrorism and other interesting problems are discussed with studentsare organizedregularly.  Tutors visit theatres, museums aandd concerts with students.

Employeesofthedepartmentactassecurity service indormitories, organize and actively participate in different events dedicated to significant dates at faculty, university and city levels. Students together with tutors visit patients in hospices, Veterans houses, provide material assistance to orphans.Veteransofthedepartmentare regularlyinvitedtodifferentsolemnevents, significantdates, employees visit them at home, provide the necessary assistance to them. Employeestrytokeepintouchwithformeremployeeswholiveabroad, withformer members of scientific society and alumni.

Organizational work

Employees of the department participated in organization of scientific conferences at international, republican levels, also training seminars for doctors on issues of formulary system and drugs supply at republican level, master-classes, seminars for medical and pharmaceutical workers. Annually participate in work of Small Academy of sciences of RK, being members of jury at annual conferences.

Professorsandinstructorsweremembersofcommitteeandworking groups of the university and also Ministry of healthcare of RK. SomeofthemareexpertsoftheRepublicanCenterforhealthcaredevelopmentonelaboration of clinical protocols, test tasks in pharmacology (MES RK).