Department of Normal Anatomy

(050012 Almaty, Tole be, 94; e-mail: [email protected])


Department of normal anatomy was organized in 1930. Its first head was the candidate of medical sciences, professor, Honored Doctor of the Republic Isaev P.O. In subsequent years, the department was headed by: Honoured Doctor of the Republic, PhD, professor Bukeikhanov H.N. (1962-1966 gg.), Twice the Minister of Health of the Kazakh SSR, Professor Karynbaev S.R. (1966 — 1976 years).

In the interest profile of teaching in 1976, a large department of normal anatomy was divided into two departments. Department of Pediatric Faculty headed by Professor S.R.Karynbaev (1976 -1983 years), Professor G.M.Musagalieva (1983 to 1999).
Department of Normal Anatomy of medical and dental faculties headed by member of NAS RK, professor Rahishev AR (1976-2003 gg.), Doctor of Medicine, Professor Zhanybekov DE (2003 — 2007 gg.), Doctor of Medicine, Professor Dosaev TM (2007-2008 gg.).


Chair of June 1, 2011, he was appointed Professor, MD Dosaev T.M.

At the department employs for professors Rahishev AR,  Zhanybekov DE, Dosaev TM, S. Romaniuk and  associate professors: ,  Ahmad NS, Shakenov B.Sh., Musayeva GA Mynzhanova GR, Isabekova UA, Duysenbaeva AT, KT Dakenova, Iskindirova AM, Tazhimetov BM, teachers :  Kosmanbetov TS, Abilovа AA Omarbekova FS, PhD Zholdybaeva AA, Iskakova LA Baygamysova DS, Tukibaev ZH.A,  graduate Balapanova A.A.


Department performs routine research work in two directions:
«The scientific basis for the development and implementation of medical terminology in the Kazakh language» and «Structural and functional organization of the autonomic nervous system and the features of the regeneration of the peripheral nervous system.»
At the department a lot of attention is paid to the scientific and educational work. During the last year of her staff members have published 60 scientific and educational works.


The scientific student circle chair is 65 students.
Over the past 10 years, members of the NSC always win prizes at the graduate and international conferences. In 2009, a student Arystanbek Merey won the International Forum «Youth in Science 2009» and was awarded the Diploma of II degree.

Visiting Professor Scott Cannon Miller (Utah, U.S.A.)

In the frame of academic mobility program the Chair of anatomy & radiology Department  of University of Utah (USA), the a member of the American Association of Anatomists, editor “Anatomical Record” journal, professor Scott Cannon Miller visited  the department of normal anatomy from 11/11/2011 to 11/17/2011.

Professor S. Miller worked out  seminars, workshops and master classes  of «Modern principles of teaching anatomy». Members  of the department of anatomy and anatomists from other medical schools of Kazakhstan (Semipalatinsk, Astana, Aktobe, Shymkent, Turkestan) took part in the program.

Professor S. Miller was reading lectures for students of General Medicine faculty on osteology, bone biology, age and individual anatomical variability of skeletal morphology, of the adrenal glands in normal and stress conditions.

The theme of the master class was «The visual aids in the teaching of anatomy» and «Nanotherapeutic drug delivery systems and features of the functional anatomy of organs and systems».
There was a great interest among faculty, interns, residents and others to the Professor’s lecture «Requirements for the preparation of manuscripts and ethical standards for the publication of scientific papers in Western journals.»


Professor Scott Miller and teachers of the Normal Anatomy Department

For the first time in the history of KazNMU anatomists have been trained in foreign country. From November 25 to December 5, Chair of the normal anatomy, professor Dosaev TM,  teаchers  Baygamysova DS, Bekisheva AN and studying teacher Balapanova AA visited Israel. In a Department of Anatomy and Anthropology (Tel Aviv University) they listened lectures of leading anatomists about methods of integrated teaching of anatomy, the using  computed tomography and ultrasound anatomy. They saw the organization of the educational process in the Medical Schools in Israel.