Department of Imaging Diagnostics with the Course of Radiobiology

Department of Imaging Diagnostics and Radiology was founded in 1953. The first head of the department and its organizer was MD SaimBaluanovichBalmuhanov. In 1958, SB Balmuhanov defended his doctoral thesis on the problems of Radiology and was promoted to professor. Now, SB Balmuhanov is a full member of the National Academy of Sciences of RK, the pride of national and international radiology.

The result of research dissertations became employees of the Department whose names later became well known in the country. This MD Professor Sergazin AG, MD, professor Zholkiver , MD Kazangapova TK, MD Purisheva E., Ph.D. Associate Professor Brenner, DM

Currently, the teaching of Radiology (classical radiology, CT, MRI, ultrasound and radionuclide diagnostics) are held on the 3 — rd course of the Faculty of General Medicine, in the second year of dental faculty, in the fourth year of pediatric faculty, interns, surgeons, internists, pediatricians and child surgeons. Employees of the department prepared training manuals, demos, (electronic version and the original — X-rays, CT and MRI — scans, ultrasound and radionuclide scintigram), lecture materials in electronic form. The department is widely using multimedia content.

Professor A. Khamzin has prepared  curriculummodel  for the X-ray diagnostics for dental faculty. Employees of the department created training programs for workers beam diagnostics for the Department of General Medicine for pediatric faculty for interns. According to JI — 2009, a working program for residency in the specialty — radiology (professors Khamzin A. Zholdybay JJ, Tazhedinovym IT). The department is successfully continuing research on scientific topics — «Optimization techniques of exposure locally advanced cervical cancer by a combination of metronomic chemotherapy», «Radiological diagnosis of complications in the early stages of modern thoracic surgical oncology.»

The student-scientific  section had started his work.

Attaches great importance to educational work among the students. Department staff to discuss their academic progress of students supervised groups, assist in preparing for the PGA, speaking on the topical issues of our timeand warning  students from the harmful and dangerous habits.

Department staff are constantly improving their skills, participate in all organized by the University of seminars, trainings (received many certificates).